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There's Something About the Music!

August 24, 2024

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"There’s Something About the Music" is a vibrant celebration of the rich tapestry of Black dance and music across the  African Diaspora. This electrifying event, hosted by Raediant Movement, invites participants of all ages and dance levels to immerse themselves in a dynamic 90-minute dance class featuring the rhythmic beats of Dancehall and Soca dances from the West Indies and Africa. As the class concludes, the night transitions into a sizzling dance party, led by a live DJ spinning infectious tunes that showcase the interconnectedness of Black dance forms. Attendees will not only enjoy an evening of music, movement, and cultural unity but also savor the flavors of Jamaica with an on-site food truck. With inclusivity at its core, this event aims to create an unforgettable experience where diverse communities come together to learn, connect, and celebrate the beauty of Black dance forms and music on a global scale. Join us for a night movement and good vibes.

Dance, Teach, Motivate
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